Nestled in the heart of Lake Winnipesaukee, the historic but modern Opera House is gearing up for an unforgettable season filled with toe-tapping tunes, soul-stirring melodies, and unforgettable performances. We’ve scoured many regions, from the bustling theaters of New York to the vibrant blues clubs of New Orleans, handpicking an extraordinary lineup that promises to make this year one for the books!

We checked out hundreds of artist showcases, concerts, comedy, acrobats, and performances in New York, Nashville, Mississippi, and New Orleans, and the soulful city of Memphis also beckoned us, each contributing their unique flavors to our diverse repertoire. Whether you’re a fan of Classic Rock, Blues, Yacht Rock or the soulful sounds of Motown, Lakeport Opera House has something special in store for you. We personally attend nearly every single show before we book them for our stage, to ensure high quality and great talent to entertain our guests.

But our journey didn’t stop there! We combed through so much great talent here in New England to discover the local talent that perfectly complements our calendar of things to do while in the Lake Winnipesaukee area. From the Oldies to the 80s to tributes, the region’s diverse offerings will be showcased on our stage, ensuring a dynamic 2024 summer lineup with so much fun and even dancing!

At Lakeport Opera House, we believe in community collaboration. That’s why we’re inviting you to be a part of our musical adventure! If there’s an act you’d love to see under our historic roof, don’t hesitate to share your suggestions. We welcome your submissions at, so your favorite artists, genres or show ideas can be considered for future performances.

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